About University Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

Who We Are

We are a group of believers in Jesus Christ who have a desire to worship and fellowship together. We want to bring others to know Jesus personally and join his family which we are a part of through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Church Beliefs

View what the Adventist church believes.

View our church's fundamental beliefs.


We are located in North Portland Oregon at the address 4007 N Alaska St. Come and visit us on Sabbath mornings or call our church office for more info at 503-289-8792.

Sabbath School Classes

We have many Sabbath School Bible Study classes for you to choose from. See more info and photos of them.

Pastor's Corner

If you have a Bible question for our pastor, you can email it to him.

Clerk's Corner

Looking for help with your membership? call Laurie at 503-283-0624

Church Staff

Pastor: Louis Turner II
Elders: Ted Burbee, Buddy Lydie, Marjorie Burbee
Head Deacon: Paul Miller
Assist. Head Deacon: Irving Proctor
Head Deaconess: Flora Heine
Community Services: Ted Burbee
Social Committee: Nancy Limnell
Secretary: Laurie Lydie
Bulletin: Laurie Lydie
Clerk: Laurie Lydie
Assist. Clerk: Matthew Strube
Treasurer: Marjorie Burbee
Calendar: Laurie Lydie
Communications: Laurie Lydie
Assist. Communications: Matthew Strube
Audio/Visual: Paul Miller
Bible Studies: Tom Limnell
Adult Sabbath School Director: Tom Limnell
Children's Division Sabbath School Director: Matthew Strube
Spanish Pastor: Padro Carriaga

Louis and Deborah
Louis II and Deborah Turner