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Spirit of God

Hereby know that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit. - 1 John 4:13.

Though we can't see the Spirit of God, we know that men who have been dead in trespasses and sin become convicted and converted under its operations. The thoughtless and wayward become serious. The hardened repent of their sins, and the faithless believe. The gambler, the drunkard, the licentious, become steady, sober, the pure. The rebellious and obstinate become meek and Christlike. When we see these changes in the character, we may be assured that the converting power of God has transformed the entire man.

We saw not the Holy Spirit, but we saw the evidence of His work on the changed character of those who were hardened and obdurate sinners. As the wind moves in its forces upon the lofty trees and brings them down, so the Holy Spirit can work upon human harts, and no finite man can circumscribe the work of God.

The Spirit of God is manifested in different ways upon different men. One under the movings of this power will tremble before the Word of God. His convictions will be so deep that a hurricane and tumult of feeling seem to rage in his hart, and his whole being is prostrate under the convicting power of the truth.

When the Lord speaks forgiveness to the repenting soul, he is full of ardor, full of love to God, full of earnestness and energy, and life-giving Spirit which he has received can't be repressed. Christ is in him, a well of water springing up into everlasting life. His feelings of love are as deep and ardent as was his distress and agony. His soul is like the fountain of the great deep broken up, and he pours forth his thanksgiving and praises, his gratitude and joy, until the heavenly harps are turned to the notes of rejoicing. He has a story to tell, but not in any precise, common, methodical way. He is a soul ransomed though the merits of Jesus Christ, and his whole being is thrilled with the realization of the salvation of God.

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