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Two Masters

No man can serve two masters. If tobacco is your master, if it has brought all your forces under the control of the pernicious apptite, it is your master and you are its slave.

How then can you serve your tobacco and your God, sending up the fumes of tobacco before you go into prayer meeting so that your mind is so confused that you do not know what you are about? Why? Because the stimulant of tobacco and the stimulant of the Holy Spirit of God never combine to give meaning to inspiration in the meeting that you may give the testimony clear from the courts of heaven that God wants you to give.

"You are my witnesses," says God, and God wants us by precept and example to represent Christ in our world. He represented the Father, and He left the work in our hands to attend to the needy and the distressed, and to have something to help them that they may have the blessing of relief, the necessities of suffering humanity. But if we use it up unwisely, imprudently, He will say, "You wicked and slothful servant, why did not you take My talent, why did you not put it out to the exchangers? Why did you not use My gift that you could double it for My service?" God wants us to win souls for Him' and then what? You are to begin to work with the talents which God has lent you, and then use every gift there is to the praise of heaven.

Oh, I'm so thankful for a Saviour! I'm so thankful for One that is mighty in power, that will help in every emergency. "I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." He says. Well now, if we have Christ at our right hand to help us—how much can He help that man that is so devoted to the smoking of his pipe that he can think of nothing else? God help us to cleanse the soul temple of its impurity. God help us that we may five to God an offering that is untainted physically, mentally, and morally. Well, "no man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money." You see, the problem is weighed with God, and He tells the result. He requires all there is of you.

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