Bible Studies > Self-Portraits of God: Lesson 1: General Introduction

Studies in the Life and Work of Jesus

Lesson 1: A Study of Miracle

General Introduction

When God made people He made them with the potential to have their abilities increase. When things went wrong and sin entered, people were marred, but still loved, and God began a long series of approaches to His needing-to-be-repaired people, using a series of titles and acts. The titles that He used, and the acts that He did, were intended by Him to convey to His subjects some knowledge of what He was like.

We probably all know all this, but perhaps not so well known are some of the messages from these titles and acts which are associated with Jesus during His life on earth. By the use of the parables that He told, Jesus brought the eternal future to view, while by the use of miracles He revealed the invisible God in visible forms.

His best-known acts are the recorded miracles that make up part of the Gospel records known to us as the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in the New Testament of our Bibles. Many people are also aware of the recorded miracles making up portions of the Bible-book named the Acts of the Apostles. Perhaps not so well known are miracles which make up parts of the history in the Old Testament portion in the Bible.

These miracle stories of God’s intervention in the lives of people are some of our best sources for learning what God is like. These miracles carry messages that are often greater than the individual acts. The messages from the meaning and nature of the individual miracles make a great study of the character of the God who does these unusual acts, acts which are often separate in their occurrences, but which by their nature fit together, drawing pictures of their author; self-portraits of God.

Prepared to be blessed as we began this study of the life and work of Jesus by looking at the meaning and nature of some of the miracles done by Jesus recorded in our Bibles.