Bible Studies > Self-Portraits of God: Lesson 3

Self-Portraits of God

Studies in the Life and Work of Jesus

Lesson 3: Snap-shots in Titles

As Mirrors

The Only-begotten, Monogenes, literally meaning one-of-a-kind, the unique one, when applied to Jesus, means that there will never be another Jesus, the One who saves from Sin. This One is our only Savior; the only Savior.

The title Firstborn tells us Jesus is not only important to us, but that he is very important to the Father, the One who loves us enough to send a Helper, of whom none is greater. This title shows that the Father would not have it said that He could have done more. It is sometimes said that in giving Jesus, the Father gave all heaven; that the title Firstborn means that the Son of God was given to the human race, for ever to be our brother, while sharing the throne of the universe; The Firstborn of all creation, God’s First Choice.

I have begotten you reminds us that all of the blessings we have come out of the love of the Father. He is the first cause of all our good, all our blessings; the Provider of all our needs; the One who knows us as only a Maker can.

In the Mirror, which is the titles of Jesus, we see reflected the Trusted One.

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